Welcome to Innovation Academy

Innovation Academy is a high school designed to personalize learning to 
meet the unique needs of each student. Students at Innovation Academy will reflect on their own interests and collaborate with staff to design projects that align with topics they are passionate about. Students will dive deeper into concepts than they ever have before. You can view a video on Innovation Academy here.

Innovation Academy offers a flexible student schedule while still meeting the demands of the Michigan Merit Curriculum. The staff at Innovation Academy are incredibly excited to work with your student as they strive to engage with school and the Howell community. 

The ideal candidate for Innovation Academy should have a strong desire to reach their full potential and graduate with a diploma. While the student may be currently facing academic, social, or emotional challenges and not have a roadmap to improve, the ideal candidate should at a minimum have a desire to finish school and be open to a new model of education. To apply for enrollment at Innovation Academy, please click here

What's Happening

December 2018

Rotating Student Representative for Board of Education Meetings.

   *November Cassidy Miller (View Cassidy's Report Here at min 23)

   *December Rachele Damico View Rachele's Report Here (starts at min 23)

Livingston County Sheriff's Department donated a truckload of food Nov 20th.


Students in Makerspace just finished building a shed.


All students were given a bag of food from our IA/Gleaners pantry and students also did a Random Acts of Kindness day and sent bags over to the Little Highlanders too.


From the Dojo

December 4th Makaila Kramp became our first Orange belt

December 11th Ethan Day and Zach Bullard became orange belts

Students played elves by answering letters to Santa for a dozen elementary classes in the district.

We had a pancake breakfast on our half day.