Does your student need a small school that is engaging with a family atmosphere?Innovation Academy provides individualized standards driven instruction. Students develop a variety of passion projects to work toward a Howell Public Schools diploma. You can view a video on Innovation Academy here.

Innovation Academy offers a flexible student schedule while still meeting the demands of the Michigan Merit Curriculum. School is open from 7:30am to 4pm to provide plenty of opportunities for students to work on their projects and interests. 

If your student currently does not have a roadmap to success, Innovation Academy may be able to help. Students who apply should have a desire to finish school(graduate) and be open to a new and exciting model of education. To apply for enrollment at Innovation Academy, please click here

What's Happening

Welcome to Innovation Academy 2019-2020! The new school year begins August 26th! We are excited for the many opportunities students will have at IA this year! Some of those opportunities include: 
Archery FAA Commercial Drone certification Writer's Guild Book Club Michigan Student Caucus
Reaching Higher Yoga and Karate
AP Computer Science Principles Field trips to: Henry Ford/Greenfield Village Detroit Institute of Arts Ann Arbor Hands on Museum UM Museum of Natural History UM Art Museum
Michigan Legislature in Lansing In order for students to be able to fully participate in all that IA has to offer we need students and parent/guardians to fill out the following forms:
Open Campus Agreement Field Trip Form Internet Usage Makerspace Permission Slip Online Learning Consent Form Student Technology Acceptable Use Form

Breakfast and Lunch menus have changed. We have new choices in 2019-2020. Remember to use the order form for breakfast and lunch. 


2018-2019 Happenings
Congratulations to all of our Class of 2019 Graduates!
IA GraduatesIA Graduates


May 2019

May has been a busy month at IA.  In addition to working with students on projects, we have had the pleasure of watching our amazing students earn accolades, prepare for life beyond IA, and have fun with this time we still have together.

We would like to congratulate the first Highlander Award Recipient of Innovation Academy, Connor Nabb. Connor is a wonderful ambassador for IA and does a wonderful job working with a wide variety of students in the Makerspace as well as serving as our resident tour guide when we have visitors in our building.

Proving once again why he was the perfect candidate for the Highlander Warrior Award, Connor did a mini Drone Demo series at Three Fires this month.           


Garrett Reish is another example of students making the most of the opportunities here at Innovation Academy.  Garrett joined Sanchin-Ryu karate led by Sensei Maggie this winter and was able to earn is orange belt this spring while showing proficiency on Physical Education standards in the process.

One of our culminating activities this year is our students vs. staff basketball game.  We would like to thank HPS Superintendent MacGregor, HHS Principal Schrock, Assistant Principal Smith, and Todd Bishop for joining the staff team to make this a wonderful event. The battle was fierce, but the staff was triumphant this year.

The Founding Innovation Academy Class of 2019 has been preparing for graduation!  We are so proud of the graduating class of 2019. Each student has fought hard to get to where they are today and get a spot on the stage for graduation. To our graduates, thank you for joining the IA family this year and remember, once you are in the IA family, you are always in the IA family!

April 2019 Mr. McDowell and Mrs. Webster arranged a couple of field trips for students this spring. The Michigan Student Caucus students took a trip to the state capitol and  the Place Out of Time students participated in a banquet at the University of Michigan. Both trips were a huge success. Mr. McDowell has also had students create a new drone with a 6 propeller system. This drone can soar and move very quickly, just hopefully it doesn't get stuck in any more trees. Capital Building MI Student Caucus Place Out of Time Mr. Rowden continues to crank out math standards by holding small group math sessions with the students.  Math can seem overwhelming at times, and working in these small groups students are showing great advancement in their math.  If you would like your child to get the more one-on-one academic attention like this, all they have to do is ask any of our mentors and they are happy to run individualized sessions like these. Rowdens Math Similarly, Mr. Kasprzak has been working with many students on science standards.  Unfortunately, we are all out of the maple syrup he and students made.  It was very popular and did not take long to get eaten when we had a pancake breakfast here at IA. Syrup Kzach's Class Mr. Webster has been working with students to design and build a homemade small engine that can power a bike, trike, or moped.  The students and Mr. Webster are getting very dirty, but are able to check off math and science standards in the process.  Motorcycle February & March 2019

Students present at the Howell Board of Education meetings.  Innovation Academy students have been attending the meeting to tell their stories and to let the district know about the awesome things happening at IA.  

Sean's Speech (starts at 23:45) (February Mtg)

Faith's Speech (starts at 27:35) (March Mtg)

The IA recording studio is finished! Congratulations to Max and Owen for leading this project and for creating our first track----listen to it here.

Innovation Academy students are partnering with students from the University of Michigan in 2 programs this year.

Place Out of Time allows students to participate in a role playing simulation with other students from around the state. The students all pick a person to embody. From IA we have Batman, Ares, and Henry VIII, to name a few.  These students will interact in character with other students to work through a trial. Discussions will involve topics such as justice, dignity, and character. We have several students working on English and Social Studies standards while participating in this program.

Michigan Student Caucus is a program where students take a look at their community and state and seek out problems that they would like to help solve. Students create a proposal and are invited to present it at the state capital this spring. We have another group of IA students working through this program to earn Government and English standards this semester.

Innovation Academy students participate in the annual Got Art show at the Howell Opera House. Congratulations to Kylie and Makaila for entering pieces this year!  

Kylie’s Pieces--Designed Using the C & C Router


Makaila’s Pieces-- Pencil Sketches

A big thank you to Dunkin’ Donuts here in Howell for sponsoring our IA of the Day where we honor IA students who are making good choices. Everyday an IA student is awarded a gift certificate to Dunkin’ Donuts for showing what it means to be a part of the IA Family.


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